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The Mesoline Roller

What does the innovativeness of mesotherapy with the Mesoline Roller consist in?

Mesoline Roller

The Mesoline Roller treatment consists in direct insertion of active substances into the skin, with the use of a special Roller.
Roller is a device equipped with a mobile roller with 540 extremely thin needles. The device is based on the patented DTS “DiskneedleTherapy System” technology (therapy system based on microscissions). These thin and short needles fastened onto a disc, guarantee no injuries and a maximum effectiveness of the treatment. The device creates microcanals, which supply properly assorted active substances into the skin.
Roller is intended for one patient only and is sufficient for execution of approximately 15 treatments.

Mesoline Roller

What advantages does the Mesoline Roller bring?

Mesoline Roller allows to supply the skin with appropriate substances directly, for instance hyaluronic acid mixes, without the necessity to make individual incisions with a thicker needle, as it is performed in the case of the classic version of mesotherapy.
Roller’s microscissions stimulate the process of collagen fiber proliferation, which naturally rejuvenates the skin.
Redness and swelling disappears much faster than in the case of classic mesotherapy.
The treatments can be performed all year round. Zabiegi można wykonywać przez cały rok.

What is the Mezoline Roller treatment like?

Mesoline Roller

In course of the treatment, the Roller that is being moved up and down the skin creates at least 500 000 canals in 10 minutes. A proper ampoule for Mesoline mesotherapy is forced into the canals.
The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.
Redness and swelling disappears from several to a dozen or so hours.

What kind of problems can the Mesoline Roller be applied for?

Mesoline Roller is applied for various problems, not only those connected with the skin, as it is done in the case of classic mesotherapy.
The treatment is performed on the following areas:

  • Face
  • Mesoline Roller
    • revitalization
    • skin brightening and discolorations removal
    • rejuvenation of areas around the eyes
    • rejuvenation of areas around the neck, décolleté and hands
    • double chin removal
  • Body
    • improves skin firmness
    • reduces cellulite
    • removal of local excess of fatty tissue
  • Hair
    • strengthening hair roots
    • hair loss prevention

How frequently are the treatments performed?

The treatments are performed in individually scheduled intervals of approximately 2-4 weeks. A series is composed of a minimum of 4 treatments.

What are the contraindications?

Pregnancy, active inflammatory acne, acne rosacea, dermatitis conditions, for instance herpes.

What is the cost of the Mesoline Roller treatment?

PLN 350 – treatment with the use of one Mesoline ampoule
PLN 450 – price of the Roller, to be used in approximately 15 treatments
Always ask for available promotions and discounts for Loyal Customers.

Mesoline Roller